10 Reasons To Make Your Website Mobile-friendly

When you own a website, reaching your customers is very important. In this day and time, you must make sure people can find and browse your website while on mobile devices just as easily as they would on a desktop computer.

Tablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices are more popular than ever, a trend that will not be changing anytime soon, so it is essential to optimize your website to provide a great experience that is mobile friendly. A large percentage of potential customers will be using a mobile device to view your website. Because of this, below are 10 reasons to make your website mobile friendly.

  1. Mobile friendly websites are prioritized by Google: in 2015, Google tweaked their algorithm to make mobile friendly websites rank higher than ones that are not mobile friendly.
  2. Mobile devices are used by people everywhere: consumers use their mobile devices to do many things, whether it is searching for information or making a large purchase. This is because it is easy and fast and most consumers want to get items they want quickly and efficiently. Without your website being mobile friendly, you will not be able to offer what potential customers are looking for.
  3. It builds your credibility: a mobile friendly website gives your customers a streamlined experience, making them more likely to see your business as credible.
  4. It is a standard best practice: most reputable and reliable websites are already mobile friendly. Recently, responsive web design has become more accessible and straightforward for mobile optimization. This means your customers will expect your website to have the same standard level of functionality on their mobile device as on their desktop computer.
  5. The ability to reach more customers: mobile friendly websites rank higher in search engine results. This will help you be seen more, increasing your customer base.
  6. Helps make your customers happier: a streamlined website is what your customers want. Having your website mobile friendly provides an experience for those visiting your website on their mobile device.
  7. Google is encouraging it: Google has recommended that all websites become mobile friendly. They understand the numbers of people using smart devices, and how many of us people specifically use Google search for what they need.
  8. Improves the look and functionality on any device: when you use responsive web design on your website, the look and functionality of your site will increase dramatically.
  9. Improves your reputation: when customers have a good experience with your website, they will remember you. They also become more likely to share their good experience with others.
  10. Increases the relevancy of your business: regardless of how useful, valuable, or unique your services and products are, if your website is not mobile friendly, customers will see it as outdated.

As you can see, any business should take the time and effort to make their website mobile friendly. The benefits can be overwhelming.  RedWave Technology Group, LLC will be happy to help you update your website so you can reap the benefits of a mobile-friendly site.  Contact us today!