13 Ways a Business Can Improve Their Cyber Security

If you own a business, it is likely you understand the importance of cyber security. There are many steps your business can take to help stay safe on the Internet. Below, we will cover 13 ways your business can improve their cyber security.

  1. Perform a security check annually: every year, a security advisor should be brought in to determine if there are any vulnerabilities in your system. It is likely they will suggest new technologies your business should invest in. This step is important for small businesses to uncover areas where they may be vulnerable.
  2. Implement security standards immediately: when you are first starting your business, it is important to develop and implement a strong password procedure. This can save you from many headaches later. It is best to find a password policy that can be used throughout your company then consistently maintain it for every user.
  3. Discuss cyber security with your employees: your business is only as secure as your weakest link. It only takes one employee losing their phone or laptop to put your business at risk. Have a protocol put in place for employees to keep their systems safe always.
  4. Ensure everyone follows the plan: once your password policy is in place and you have established best practices for your business, it is important to make sure everyone is following them. Otherwise, the time and effort you put into it are wasted.
  5. Put two-factor authentication into place: when it comes to accounts that are critical for your business, enable two-factor authentication for your entire team. It is common for passwords to be stolen these days, so this extra step is important, even if it isn’t foolproof.
  6. Use a password management utility: with cyber security threats everywhere, these can help strengthen a small business substantially. By using a password management app, the business can take advantage of passwords that are easy to remember but hard to hack. The app also helps to centralize the password process.
  7. Stay knowledgeable of security issues and vulnerabilities: it is important for your business to stay knowledgeable about potential security threats, regulations, compliance, and solutions for security for your business. Taking the time to educate yourself is well worth the effort when it comes to cyber security.
  8. Regularly update your systems: at RedWave Technology, we fight against cyber security on the frontline. Recently, we have seen an increase in ransomware. If the business being attacked would have simply updated their systems regularly, the attacks could have been avoided. This is generally the case for all cyber security attacks.
  9. Have a plan of action for issues with mobile devices: many employers overlook the significant security risks of mobile devices. Your employees should be required to install security apps and encrypt their data to help protect business information theft that often occurs on public networks. Have protocols in place for devices that are lost or stolen.
  10. Use a secure Wi-Fi network: if your business has a Wi-Fi network, it is imperative to make it secure by encrypting and hiding it. For your Wi-Fi network to be hidden, you will need to set up your router access point so the network name is not broadcasted. Always protect your router with a password.
  11. Use a firewall: you can greatly increase your cyber security by simply installing a firewall. This will keep third parties from taking over your system. To reduce your problems even further, use a good antivirus on your system and malware software.
  12. Backup everything: unless you are willing to lose all your information at once, it is imperative to backup all your data. This can save you both time and money. There are many programs that can automatically backup your information daily or weekly.
  13. Always stay on top of cyber security: unfortunately, many businesses become complacent when it comes to cyber security. Always look for ways to better secure your business online.

Currently, cyber security is an important part of running a successful business. If you are interested in setting up cyber security for your business, or if you need help with strengthening your current cyber security, give us a call today at RedWave Technology Group, LLC. We can help protect you from threats your business may face online.