4 Reasons You Need A Backup And Disaster Recovery Plan

Every business, big and small, needs a backup and disaster recovery plan. Otherwise, you are leaving your data unprotected when disaster strikes. Below are four reasons to backup your data and have a disaster recovery plan.

  1. Failures with Machines and Hardware: technology has greatly advanced and become more reliable over the years, but it still isn’t perfect and will certainly have some issues now and then. Though it is a huge expense for any company to locate a single point of failure and eliminate it in your IT infrastructure, it may be the only way to keep the failure from interrupting your business or causing data loss. Your best option is to keep your data backed up regularly, preferably with a securely managed host. That way, when you have failures in the IT infrastructure, interruptions will be eliminated.
  2. Mother Nature: All of us have seen the destruction that Mother Nature can bring. The worst part is how unpredictable bad weather can be. If your business doesn’t have a backup and disaster recovery plan, you may find yourself unable to resume operations once hit with a major disaster. Typically, around 80% of all businesses that suffer a business interruption that lasts more than five days without a recovery plan in place will go out of business.
  3. Human Error: this can be one of the hardest mistakes for you to prevent or correct. Regularly backing up your data will allow you to restore it, though. Unfortunately, humans are not perfect and can sometimes overlook steps that are important in the process and enter the wrong data or accidentally delete it. Having processes in place that are efficient and assurance programs that are of good quality are great, but having a backup solution online can also be very important.
  4. Giving Customer Constant Access: customers these days expect the ability to access information whenever convenient for them. If your business has issues with the infrastructure and is unable to correct the problems quickly, your customers will likely go to a competitor.

An IT disaster can hit any business. The only way to help your business recover quickly from those issues is with a great backup and disaster recovery plan. That way, you will be prepared when disaster strikes. If you have any questions or need any help in this matter call RedWave Technology Group, LLC today!