5 Windows 10 Features To Look Forward To

There are many Windows 10 features for business owners to look forward to. In this article, we will cover five of those.

  1. Action Center updates: this update will give you the ability to prioritize your notifications received through Windows 10. You can prioritize the alerts of a specific app by going to the settings, system, then notifications and actions. Priority settings are tiered into three levels: priority, high, or normal.
  2. Microsoft edge extensions: The Internet browsers provided by Microsoft have always been lacking when compared to other browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. To help entice people to use the Microsoft browsers, Microsoft is now giving more web extensions to their users such as the Pin It Button, Clipper, and OneNote. These features can be quickly accessed by clicking on the dotted line on the screen to the top right.
  3. Pin windows to virtual desktops: for those who use virtual desktops already, this is a small change. Using a virtual desktop gives you the ability to organize your Windows so you can keep business and personal files separate.
  4. Battery use that is detailed: this application will stop apps that consume high amounts of battery when your battery bank is low. You can program your laptop to go into power saving mode, too, when the battery reaches a certain percentage.
  5. Customizable update settings: this gives you the ability to change when Microsoft Windows does its automatic updates. That way, you can make sure updates do not happen during your business hours. It is simple to change the settings for the automatic update by going to settings, updated security, then Windows update. Simply decide on when you want the automatic updates to happen, then sit back and know it is taken care of.

Windows 10 has brought a lot of changes with it. Most of these changes can help make your life easier.  If you have any questions on these tips, or need any help using or upgrading to Windows 10, please don’t hesitate to contact RedWave Technology Group, LLC today!