AI Trends for 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has seen incredible advancements over the last few years, and 2018 is going to be no exception.  There has been a lot of hype circulating around AI in recent times; however, predictions of 2018 seem to suggest that AI is slowly moving towards more practical, routine applications.  There is more of an emphasis on strategic planning, deployment, and governing of AI systems in today’s market, especially since this technology is becoming more widespread among varying industries.  Some predictions show as many as 70% of companies will adopt some type of Artificial Intelligence throughout the course of 2018.  Below are some highlighted AI advancements that you will probably see in 2018.

One advancement that will affect most people around the country is in the automobile industry.  We will witness a significant increase in the number of self-driving cars and trucks on our highways this year.  Many vehicles will graduate to a semi-autonomous, or a fully autonomous, machine.  These vehicles will be manufactured with an AI-based computer system, and will provide safe driving conditions and a stress-free driving experience for those that have them.

Packaging warehouses will also see a big change this year, as AI-type robots begin to replace the millions of warehouse workers who currently “pick, pack, and prepare” boxes for shipments.  This advanced automation system will most likely change the way of life for many American workers, who will then need to adapt to a new way of thinking about wage-earning solutions.

Robots may also become more commonplace in the military, as well as assisting with disaster relief.  One group, DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency), has teamed together with Boston Dynamics in order to create some of these types of robots.  You may have even seen an AI-type robot on the internet, the Atlas robot, when it became famous for performing a back flip and jumping over hurdles.

Many businesses will use statistical modeling with the use of peer-to-peer networks that will give competing companies the opportunity to decide which advertisements and propaganda to show readers, based on the user’s prior online searches.  Peer-to-peer networks will also be more noticeable with search engine comparison, cryptocurrency environments, and anything else that will help create transparency among networks.

In conclusion, Artificial Intelligence will be seen in more and more industries, especially as technology advancements continue to improve.  The automobile industry, healthcare industry, retail industry, and computer service industry are just a few areas that will see some big changes in the very near future.  We will all have to adapt and embrace these new changes that can affect our routine way of living.

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