AMD Cuts Ryzen 7 Prices, Prepares Threadripper CPUs

The Ryzen Threadripper is a highly anticipated CPU whose price will be released by AMD soon. This CPU will be able to take on Intel’s latest chips. Luckily, AMD has been able to reduce the costs from the Ryzen 7 CPU, it’s previous generation.

Preparing for the Launch of the Treadripper CPU

Bitsnchips has provided us with the most recent rumors about AMD’s pricing of this latest product, and their predictions have always been accurate. AMD, or Advanced Micro Devices, announced both the X399 motherboard chipset and the Ryzen Threadripper last week. The X399 competes directly against the 18-core Core-X lineup by Intel.

Intel, on the flip side, released their pricing earlier this week at Computex for their new processors. Intel provided less details on the platform than AMD did. It has also been confirmed by AMD that their latest CPUs will be available in stores sometime this summer. Threadripper comes in nine different models.

Ryzen 7 Prices Cut

As of now, the Ryzen 7 prices have been lowered, but we are unsure on whether this drop is permanent or not. It is reported that the Ryzen 7 1700 will be dropping to $315 from $329, that the 1700x will be $350 from $399, and the 1800x will be lowered to $460 from $500. All these price drops range from around five to thirteen percent, a reasonable rate.

We have not heard an official reason from AMD for the price cuts yet. Many people tend to think across the internet that AMD is simply trying to see how the different prices will be responded to by the millions of consumers in the market.

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