Critical Updates for Windows 10, XP, and Vista

The Microsoft Patch Tuesday in June is quite distinctive. Not including the fact that Microsoft is addressing over 90 vulnerabilities, Microsoft is providing security updates for many operating systems that are no longer supported, like Windows XP and Vista. Additionally, Microsoft has shifted from its typical approach of citing a few select security issues.

Microsoft has issued a huge number of top-priority problems and stated that it was revealing the availability of more guidance for crucial security updates that are at increased risk of exploitation due to nationwide attacks.

Now isn’t the time to be laid back about fixing your environment. Microsoft is trying to address two severe code susceptibilities. Although Microsoft doesn’t utilize update bulletins, these products will get updates: Adobe Flash Player, Silverlight, Microsoft .NET, IE & Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Windows.

Adobe Flash Player

Microsoft is developing another significant Adobe Flash Player update that tries to solve 12 known weaknesses that could cause arbitrary code execution on a vulnerable system.

Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge

With a total of 32 reported susceptibilities reported for IE and Edge, this is another huge and crucial update from Microsoft. Microsoft Edge has the biggest number and the gravest vulnerabilities which could be because of the increased usage of Windows 10 and its huge value to malicious hackers.


The operating system Windows Vista has no support, however, due to the seriousness of reported vulnerabilities, Microsoft has created two KB articles. Windows XP SP3 has four distinct updates. These updates date back to 2008 and have patches released as late as March 2017. Increasing this month’s series of updates to supported operating systems, there are four different streams for Windows 10 such as: 

  • Windows 10-1507: Build 10240.17443
  • Windows 10- 1607: Build 14393.1358
  • Windows 10-1511: Build 10586.962
  • Windows 10-1703: Build 15063.414

Microsoft has put out a table stating how long each release is supported.

There are several problems with the updates from Microsoft. Given all the matters with the huge number of updates and potential vulnerabilities, all Windows updates should be thought of as patch now.

Microsoft .NET

The patch cycle in June brought a full version update to Microsoft .NET with the release of .NET 4.7. Some of the biggest improvements with .NET 4.7 are: DPI support and touch support for WPF applications on Windows 10, improved cryptography support, and dependability and performance enhancements.

This is a huge update and Microsoft has selected to utilize Microsoft update to supply this latest version of .NET. For those who need a quick download of the latest binaries, you can force the download by using the “check for updates” option on your settings panel.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft discharged a number of minor updates to all the supported versions of MS Office. The true concern for this June Patch Tuesday is the update to Skype for Business which solves a noted vulnerability which could indicate a remote security situation.

Microsoft Silverlight

The Silverlight platform was the Microsoft counterpart of Adobe Flash and support has now ended. Although nowhere as susceptible to security issues as Adobe Flash, there are two vulnerabilities that are regarded as critical by Microsoft. These updates pertain to both 32 and 64-bit systems. However, not MAC systems.