Digital Security for All Ages in the Workplace

Over the past couple of decades, daily routines in the typical workplace have definitely changed.  The advancements of digital technology have changed how, when, and where people engage in work.  Also, a new generation of workers is emerging with new ideas and a pattern of digital device confidence and knowledgeability unlike ever seen before.

For an employer, it can be tricky to provide digital security for all of your company’s digital devices, as well as having all employees from different walks-of-life fully trained and covered as far as digital security is concerned.  In this article, you will find a list of a few things to consider that are related to your company’s digital security and digital safety.

Centralize Apps and Data

By keeping the apps and data in a centralized location for your company, such as in a data center, then you have an easier chance of providing adequate security of all the company information.  Digital security should be a multi-layered activity, and one sure way to improve security is to have your company’s information in a central location.  The use of virtualization aids in centralizing information, as well as providing IT coordinators with a focused-point of access for all employees’ digital usage.

Containerization is another way that helps in controlling apps and data.  By using the containerization technique, personal apps and data are kept separate from business apps and data.

Data Access Control and Contextual Identification

Create an environment where your digital security procedures are clear, transparent, and precise.  There will always be someone who will try to ignore or intervene with security measures, and by making your security policies well-known, you are covering the security bases for your company.  Security software is available that can encrypt business information on remote devices automatically, or can analyze remote devices before sign-in is allowed.  Having single sign-on procedures in place can also further your business’ digital security.

Invest in Automated Monitoring

Steady, vigilant monitoring is one of the most important functions when it comes to digital security.  With hundreds of security policies and procedures to stay current with, it is important to provide constant monitoring and logging of all network activity.  Monitoring of all user activity is also vital, because it allows you to know “who” has been doing “what” with your business information.   

Provide Consistent Training for Employees

Employees are the backbone of most companies, and it is important to train and retrain your employees on all digital security measures for your company.  This includes initial training, as well as refreshment training when new policies develop, and constant reminders for those that may forget or neglect company policies.  Especially with the use of multiple devices, some folks may compromise company information and not even be aware they are doing it; thus, the need for practical training regarding security.

As you can see, as the digital world around us is constantly changing and advancing, we must all take measures to protect data and information.  This is not only something that we should focus on in the workplace, but also in our personal lives, too.     

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