Do You Need a Server For Your Business?

If you run an office, your business likely possesses two different kinds of computers: computers that individual staff members perform their daily tasks on, and a computer that is used to store resources available to other computers within the network. The computer used to store information is also known as a server. Its main purpose is to store data and provide a higher level of security for the company. If your company needs more data storage and security, you may need to consider using an in-house server.

Below are some reasons you may want to consider upgrading your business to an in-house server.

The Expense

Depending on the type of server you purchase, it can be expensive. Larger companies tend to use in-house servers. These can mean pouring a lot of money into expensive equipment and upgrades, as well as providing office space needed to house the server. Then, the hardware will need to be regularly maintained, potentially requiring your staff to use their valuable time away from their desk. If you prefer not to have your staff perform the regular maintenance, you may want to hire an IT expert to set up, install, and maintain both your server and the entire network.

Giving You Control

When you use an in-house server, you are given complete control over it. Though security has never been an issue with cloud-based solutions, many businesses feel more comfortable using a server that is in-house where they can protect it and physically access it whenever needed.

Downtime and Crashes

All of us have dealt with downtimes and crashes. Perhaps you have been working on an important document for your company when the computer suddenly freezes up. When this happens, the first step usually taken is to restart the computer. Sometimes, though, it may not come back on. You then must take your computer and to get it repaired, hoping for the best. If your documents are not on a server, they may be lost forever. One of the best reasons to consider a server is that all your data can be saved and backed up forever. This means that when your computer dies, you don’t need to worry about losing everything on it.

RedWave Technology Group, LLC recommends clients adopt a cloud-based approach to data backup needs. However, if an in-house server would be best for your business, we highly recommend working with systems such as a Network Attached Storage Device, or NAS, and Windows Servers. Windows Servers are very simple and easily customizable. Regardless, having a server is likely to save you from heartache and headache in the long run, even if you’re the only person accessing it.

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