Firefox Quantum: What You Need to Know

November 14, 2017 is going to be a special day for Internet users.  A new web browser is going to make a splash that day, and it’s called Firefox Quantum.  Otherwise known as Firefox 57, Firefox Quantum is Mozilla’s newest creation.  It promises to become quite the competitor among web browser options that are currently available. 

Firefox Quantum utilizes a new programming language called Rust.  Rust was also a Mozilla creation.  This new language allows Firefox Quantum the ability to have a significantly faster speed than other browsers.  It also allows Firefox Quantum the ability to use approximately 30% less RAM than previous Firefox versions.  As Mozilla vice president of the Firefox product, Nick Nguyen, recently stated, “We rethought the architecture for how a browser should work.  It’s going to be more exciting for the next year than any other browser”. 

A couple of other attractive features of this new browser include:

  • customizable options, which is nice for people that like to easily arrange their particular preferences
  • displays that are crisper and provide more clear definition than other competitors

Another option within Firefox Quantum is a reading screen that displays only what is being read by the user, and hides all other advertisements or distractions.  This feature will save a lot of time for folks who tend to wander from one thing to another when they are constantly bombarded with multiple images.  This reading mode temporarily erases those tempting distractions.

Users that are accustomed to sorting their digital information into folders will still have this ability with Firefox Quantum.  This browser uses a sorting technique dubbed “Pockets”.  In the Pocket system, users can file things such as videos, articles, and certain pages they wish to keep for later reference.

A beta version of Firefox Quantum is currently available for users that wish to experience this new browser; however, the final release date will be here before we know it.  If Firefox Quantum proves to meet all of the expectations, then this web browser could quickly become a favorite for millions of Internet users.  It may just be the thing that will make life of an online user simpler, quicker, and more attractive to the user’s eyes.

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