Homeland Security Warns Microsoft Windows Users About Apple QuickTime Bugs

It isn’t often that the Department of Homeland Security sends out a notice about dangers with software, so when it does, it is important to take it seriously. Recently, a top cyber security firm and the Department of Homeland Security have done just that. They have advised that anyone using a Windows PC immediately uninstall Apple’s QuickTime video player. It seems that to new bugs have been found within the software.

Though no successful to attacks have been reported yet, Apple is no longer supporting the players so they will not be issuing any patches. This means the QuickTime video player will remain open to malicious attacks. Trend Micro Security firm states that, even though the bugs have been detected, nothing will be done about it. The bugs can be used by cyber criminals to launch attacks on any computer that visits a compromised website or if that computer has opened a corrupted file. Mac computers are not at risk with this security issue since they are continuing to get the updates.

This news is especially important for business owners. The only way to solve the problem is to completely remove the software. Otherwise, your business may risk damage to resources within the system, business assets, availability of data, integrity, or loss of confidentiality. Since your customers depend on you to keep their information confidential, these steps need to be taken immediately. Using software that is unsupported can also increase the risks of security threats, such as viruses.

Finding another video player should not be difficult. The number of apps available to individuals and businesses can be overwhelming. If you need help deciding on a video player for your business or personal computer, contact RedWave Technology Group, LLC. We can find one that will suit all your needs.