How Does Cloud Storage Work?

More businesses every day are moving from more traditional IT structures to ‘the cloud.’ But what does that mean? As a functional alternative to in-office means, cloud storage is incredibly popular and is only going to become more ingrained into business life. Read on to find out more about what cloud storage is, and how it works, to get you started:

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a term used for any form of storage that’s created through the use of a remote internet connection. In contrast to a traditional server or hard drive, storing information in the cloud means that your data is accessible from anywhere – with the correct details and logins. For businesses, it means the responsibility isn’t on you for maintaining and upgrading storage. It’s placed upon the provider you are renting cloud space from.

While cloud computing is a term used for businesses or individuals using applications and software remotely, or even creating infrastructure online, cloud storage simply refers to the storage side of the cloud – whether that’s customer information, imagery or general data.

How does cloud storage work?

So if you don’t have physical access to your data, how do you get at it when you need it? Cloud storage works by hosting your information using a supplier’s data center. Rather than being one single computer or system, these vast data centers all hold your information at once. That means if one goes down, there’s plenty to go around to keep all the information available to you. A cloud storage system generally involves hundreds of servers working together to form that ‘cloud’ of data, which you can then access remotely.

So when you want to access that information, all you need is a secure internet connection, and you’re good to go. Your data can be accessed from anywhere, through desktop, laptop, and smartphone, while being completely secure. The responsibility is placed on the cloud storage service, rather than you, to ensure your data is kept safe, backed up, and always online.

How does it help businesses?

How is cloud storage a good thing for businesses? For one, internal IT can be expensive. Simply setting up a server and getting it up and running can be costly for new businesses. And unless you’re up-to-date on your backups, one hardware problem and you may lose days or months worth of work. With cloud storage, your content is safe and sound. No on-site power cut or technical issue is going to make you lose that all-important data.

Aside from the lower cost and higher reward, cloud storage is also the ideal solution for remote businesses. Especially when combined with cloud computing, it’s possible to create an entirely virtual environment where multiple people can work at once. Combine cloud storage with a cloud software solution like Office 365 or Google Suite, and you’ll never have your work interrupted again.

Whether you’re a small business or a large firm, investing in cloud storage is incredibly accessible, beneficial, and well-worth researching. For peace of mind when it comes to your data, storing it on the cloud is the ideal place to start. Contact RedWave Technology Group, LLC today to get more information on our cloud storage services!