How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Social Media Marketing

Over the past several years, consumer shopping behaviors have evolved quickly. It is now standard for people to shop through their mobile devices and online as the experience, thanks to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, has become a lot more social.

In fact, e-commerce global revenue in 2016, according to Statista, almost reached $1.19 trillion. It is expected to see this revenue grow around 10.72% annually. If this happens, by the year 2020, the market volume would be $1.77 trillion. Looking at these numbers, it’s no big surprise that many businesses big and small are investing significantly in social media marketing.

Though it’s true that the larger businesses have a huge budget to spend on marketing and e-commerce, companies that are smaller can also leverage the trends of social media marketing to increase their revenue. Below are four strategies any business can use to maintain their social media marketing.

1.Keep it Personal

Social media marketing allows you to genuinely interact with your customers. This gives you the ability to create long-term, loyal customers. Social media marketing gives you the opportunity to not only promote your products online, but in platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, you are also given the ability to evoke emotions in your customers through graphics and stories that do not relate to your product, thus encouraging others to share your page.

2. Make Customer Service a Priority

These days, many consumers will go directly to a company’s Facebook page or Twitter profile if they need customer service. Since you only want customers to share their positive experiences with your other potential customers, it is imperative to keep your customers happy. The best way to do this is to immediately respond to and resolve any issues or complaints made on your page. If you are unable to provide this kind of service yourself, it may be wise to invest in tools that monitor your social media sites. Also, if the customer shares an experience that was positive, consider sharing it on all your business social media platforms.

3. Never Underestimate a Hashtag

Retailers using social media are constantly revolutionizing the shopping experience of consumers. One way this is being done is with hashtags. For example, Amazon uses the hashtag “#AmazonCart” that allows their customers to add products to their Amazon cart directly through Twitter.

4. Understand the Link Between Social and Mobile Marketing

It is hard for any company to ignore the huge impact mobile devices and purchases have on companies of all sizes. In fact, according to a report published by SalesForce, around 85% of Americans say that their mobile devices are an integral part of their lives each day. Facebook alone has around 1 billion active users daily on their mobile app, making it a great platform for any business to reach large numbers of buyers daily.

Social media marketing is a great tool for businesses big and small. If you have not tapped into social medial marketing for your business, what are you waiting for?  RedWave Technology Group, LLC would love to help you expand your online presence with social media marketing.  Contact us now for a free quote!