How to Dispose of Electronic Hardware Properly

Take a minute to consider the immense electronic hardware that a single small business accumulates at any one moment.  Remember to include computers, printers, tablets, smartphones, and other various equipment that helps keep a company running smoothly.  Now consider all of the hardware equipment of businesses throughout your town or city, then your state, region, and across the country.  Would you believe that an estimated eleven million tons of electronic waste is generated every year in the United States?  That is an overwhelming number of e-waste products that need to be disposed of properly.  What can you do as a business owner or operator to ensure that your company is doing the right thing when it comes time to dispose of your electronic items?  Below are some tips that may help you figure out the best way to get rid of those e-waste items that you no longer need.

Participate in Manufacturer Take-Backs

More than half of all the states require electronic manufacturers to “take back” electronics that are antiquated, so that the electronic masters can dispose of, or reuse, correctly.  Many manufacturers even have voluntary take-backs in states that do not have such requirements.  Contact the manufacturer of your electronics in order to decide what options they have available.

Resell your Electronics

Many electronics can be resold to people in need of them, or people who can use the parts of electronic equipment.  There are several online options for reselling electronic devices.  Some of these sites include: eBay, Craigslist, Gone, or OfferUp.

Donate Unused Electronic Equipment

People all over the world can use electronic equipment that, even though may be outdated for business purposes, can be very useful to other folks.  A well-known electronic donation group is the World Computer Exchange.  They accept donations that can be dropped off at their location in Boston, Massachusetts, or items can be mailed in for donations.  This group works with people all over the world to improve the electronic connectivity of individuals who otherwise do not have such resources.

Other organizations, such as Goodwill, also accept electronic equipment as donations.

Recycle Unused Electronics

Locate a certified electronics recycling company that will accept your e-waste.  A certified company will dispose of e-waste properly, and will take the necessary precautions to protect our environment by not dumping hazardous waste in forbidden areas.

In conclusion, you do have a variety of ways in which you can dispose of electronic equipment that your business no longer needs.  Decide which path is the best choice for you and the area where you are located.  One thing is for certain, electronic equipment is here to stay, so as responsible citizens we must choose wisely to do the best we can in order to dispose of all these e-waste items properly.