How To Optimize Your VoIP Performance

Chances are, you have heard about the innovative telephone solution called VoIP. VoIP can replace your traditional phones and dramatically cut your costs. This certainly sounds appealing, but you may still have some questions. Will the call quality through the Internet be clear? How do the calls go through the Internet? Is the technology confusing? What sort of features will be available? Below are some tips to help you get the most out of your VoIP service.

One Network for Voice and Data

One of the main reasons businesses use VoIP is to save money. This is the same reason you should run your voice and data through the same network. When you run them separately, the costs for wiring and setting up will be significantly more. It will also add a layer of unneeded complexity to your business. It does take some thought, though, when you choose to combine your voice and data, to make sure you don’t have any unnecessary issues. Before getting started, ask your Internet service provider these questions:

  1. As needed, can I scale the service?
  2. How much bandwidth is needed if I do voice and data?
  3. Can I modify the network?

Prioritizing Voice Communication

As stated before, VoIP can save you money. You should never sacrifice the integrity of your business to save money, though. If your voice communications with colleagues and clients are unreliable, your reputation can be tarnished. Because of this, voice communications need to be prioritized within your network over other applications and Internet activity if your system experiences a bottleneck. This can be done by setting the quality of service, or QoS, on your router to prioritize VoIP and voice traffic. This will allow you to have clear voice communications without interruption or lag.

Comprehensive Staff Training

VoIP has a learning curve, as does most technologies. You will need to take the time to train your employees thoroughly on what to do if they encounter a problem with the VoIP technology while they are talking on the phone with a customer. Proper training can help your employees avoid these scenarios. Properly training your staff can also help you share the more advanced features offered by VoIP such as call screening, hot desking, and in call coaching.

The best part of VoIP phone services for your business is the ability to use more advanced technology while also cutting your costs. VoIP provides a phone service that is in high definition and clearer than other phone solutions, thus increasing the quality of your phone service. What are you waiting for? Give it a try today.  Contact RedWave Technology Group, LLC to learn more.