How VoIP Saves You Time and Money

Are you looking to cut back on your business’ monthly costs? Many business owners are unaware of the fact that the one area where they can save money is telecommunications. There is no need to be stuck with a telephone system that is making you pay through your nose, which is why VoIP is a great alternative for your business.

One of the main reasons why businesses switch to VoIP is to save up money. VoIP houses several features that help in saving money. Read on to find out how to save money with a VoIP.

Phone system’s hardware

Most of the phone systems available require you to pay up-front costs for the hardware. What’s more, if you need auto-attendants in different locations, you have to pay for them too. However, this is not the case with VoIP. With a VoIP phone system, consumers have complete freedom to change or update their system whenever they want. VoIP also offers a multitude of features without making you pay any additional expenses.

Maintenance of hardware

The hardware of phone systems is prone to failure. Should such an event occur, the downtime could be destructive for your business, potentially costing you thousands. However, if you employ VoIP in the cloud, you can address any hardware failures and other maintenance issues without taking a hit financially. What’s more, old phone systems have parts that are hard to come by as well as expensive. On top of purchasing parts, hiring a technical expert also costs a pretty penny. Collectively, this racks up a pretty hefty amount.

It is imperative to note that because certain parts of old phone systems are hard to come by, the services required to maintain them are becoming expensive.


If you are using VoIP, you no longer have to pay for any long-distance or interstate calls. What’s more, VoIP allows you to make international calls at half the cost of traditional lines.

Upgradation fees

All phone systems require sporadic updates. If you employ a traditional telephone system, these updates are your responsibility. However, with VoIP, the provider covers all costs of the upgrades, allowing you to have access to state-of-the-art equipment.

Mobile nature

If you are using traditional phone lines, you are probably constantly worried about missing an important call. If you end up moving offices, you have to go through an extremely long process to have your number rerouted. However, if you are using VoIP, the systems recognize your IP connection, allowing you to move easily. On top of that, VoIP allows you to connect your phone to your network, taking your business wherever you go.

Additional advantages

VoIP providers offer a great many features to all kinds of businesses, be it mid-sized or large. These additional features, for example, auto-assistants, call routing, putting music on hold, find-me-follow-me, and several others, are provided at zero cost. These additional features help businesses increase their clients by improving their image, professionalism and customer service.

There are countless ways that VoIP can help your business save money. However, it is important to contact an advisor and have them help you in choosing a product or service. For more information on VolP contact RedWave Technology LLC today!