Let Virtualization Help You With Mobile Device Security

The number of devices that a person uses, or that employees use within a company, is on the rise.  Device users are constantly adding, changing, upgrading, or discarding their devices, and it can be a challenge to provide security to this wide range of devices.  Everything from smartphones, tablets, internet-connected printers, laptops, etc. needs to be protected from invasion, and this is especially vital for a business’ safety, who may be dealing with multiple employees, multiplied by even more mobile devices.  This management system is known as mobile device management, or MDM, for short. 

There are many MDM companies and solutions available that assist in consolidating device administration in to one narrow platform.  However, in addition to a MDM solution, another security enhancement known as virtualization technology is also now available.  Virtualization allows a company to set up security measures for individual employees, and will cover all the devices that are used by each employee.  This covers a broader area than the original MDM solutions, which solely provided security for each device.

Virtualization is the use of software that will run multiple operating systems at the same time.  Some of the benefits of virtualization include: IT administrators will have remote access to an employee’s devices, which is very handy if a company device is misplaced or stolen, and also allowing an employee to have a single sign-on security profile.  This gives the user the ability to have access to all of their applications with only one set of login-identifying credentials.  Although an employee may still have multiple usernames and passwords for different devices, once they are logged-on, they will have access to all of their own applications.

Virtualization is a very effective way to manage multiple devices, while also providing mobile device security and being very cost-effective.  Technology is changing so rapidly, and new IT threats are regularly occurring, so one of the best ways to manage your mobile device security in today’s market is with a successful MDM solution, along with the use of virtualization technology.

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