Modern Technology Platforms That Can Enhance Your Business

It is already apparent that 2018 is going to be a busy year for businesses and start-up companies across the country.  Technology advancements and ever-changing workplace environments are definitely going to see that this year promises some exciting and challenging transformations among companies.  As a small business owner, or as a start-up entrepreneur, there are a few technological trends that are going to be the highlights of the year, and you should pay close attention to them in order to see how they can benefit you and your workplace.

Communication is a key element for today’s businesses.  More and more employees are working from remote locations, and with a wide variety of working hours, so communication between all employees within a company is very important.  Open communication between employees promotes a unity between each person, and also increases productivity and a cohesiveness between work teams.  There are several useful communication platforms, such as: Basecamp, HipChat, or Slack that help to create an open environment for communication among team members.

Artificial Intelligence is also a trend that is becoming more and more common within the workplace.  Simple yet productive tasks that can be performed using AI technology can free up quite a bit of time for employees like never before.  These tasks include things such as ordering supplies, managing software malfunctions, or processing data.  More time for employees allows them the freedom to work on other opportunities for your business.

Blockchain is another tool that may be useful for some companies.  Blockchain is a type of digital ledger that was initially created to track Bitcoin economic transactions, but can also be programmed to track anything of value.  When used by a company, this tracking or storing platform can become beneficial in many ways to both company and customer, alike.

Yes, 2018 is going to be a busy year for technology advancements.  Companies should embrace these advancements as they see fit, in a way that can provide benefits for their own thriving company and can help with new problem-solving techniques and solutions.

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