MSP: What Is It? Does Your Business Need One?

MSP stands for Managed Service Provider.  Once an unheard-of profession, MSP companies are now growing rapidly and will most likely stay on an upcoming trend for the foreseeable future.  Managed Service Provider companies are defined as “businesses that remotely manage a customer’s IT (information technology) infrastructure and/or end-user systems, typically on a proactive basis and under a subscription model”.  According to recent studies, more than half of American small businesses will engage in a business relationship with an MSP this year.

You may be wondering if your company can benefit from a relationship with a Managed Service Provider.  For many reasons, the answer is “yes”.  The majority of business leaders already have their hands full with the multiple aspects of running a company successfully.  It is a challenge for them to be or stay current with all of the IT advancements that are occurring, almost on a daily basis.  Small business IT departments are not always equipped to handle their regular workload, sporadic malfunctions, and stay on top of new technology releases either.  This results in the perfect solution for assistance by an MSP.

Managed Service Providers specialize in managing digital services for any size business.  They focus on continually educating their employees on technology trends, and well qualified MSP’s will have state-of-the-art equipment to aid businesses with data storage, monitoring, trouble-shooting, consulting, cost-saving techniques, and just about any other aspect of technological needs that a company exhibits.

Availability is also a Managed Service Provider’s specialty.  Since many businesses these days operate on a 365/24/7 schedule, an MSP is consistently available to keep a company’s system running smoothly and operationally around the clock.  With this service, business leaders will not worry during times of holidays, vacations, or illnesses.

A Managed Service Provider can provide the backbone for all of your company’s technology environment.  While they work in conjunction with your internal IT department, they can provide the security, maintenance, and monitoring of your digital data; thus allowing your internal IT department the freedom to focus on business goals and strategies.  A good MSP should be complimentary to your business and provide you with a piece of mind and security.

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