Myths About Cloud Backup That You Most Likely Believed

The cloud is wonderful. It brings lots of off-site utilities we would otherwise pay lots of money to have on-site. The cloud offers you power, but do you fully understand that power?

Cloud technology has progressed so much that most folks didn’t have the time to realize one technology before another one just came up out of the blue.  It’s time we get some facts straight about cloud-based backup solutions.

Cloud backup is one of the oldest off-site technologies and even after many years operating, people still don’t fully know what they can and cannot do with it, or what they should do to make sure it works for them. Following are some big myths about the cloud:

Myth #1:  Backup is like syncing a device. No, it isn’t. While a sync puts data from one device onto another, it’s not backup, which keeps stored records of changes made to a particular piece of data

Myth #2:  All online backups work pretty much the same. This is a real common misunderstanding stemmed from the generalization of the backup process. When you back up a file, it can be anything from sending a copy to a new place to the difficulty of an encrypted storage resolution that shields your data from leakage, externally and internally. Pick your backup provider wisely.

Myth #3:  The initial backup process is time-consuming. While there is some truth to this, you can be sure there are companies that will allow you to send over a drive that you need to be backed up so they can copy it. Just like you, online backup businesses don’t like to have their time wasted.

Myth #4:  It takes a gruesomely long time to retrieve data. Just like the previous myth, there is some truth to this. Many businesses will give you a slow downstream to help lessen the impact of your file recovery on their servers.

Myth #5:  Online backup can be costly. Many businesses require a per-computer rate of around $5 with a data cap with their basic plan. Remember, there are also businesses that let you back up a limitless amount of data for less than $7 per month.

Myth #6:  I only need an online backup solution. While online backup is great, don’t undervalue the power of hard media. Have an extra hard drive on hand with an exact copy of everything on your computer.

These points should clear up something for you in the end and assist you in getting a backup solution. Cloud-based online backup solutions are supreme for protecting data, whether it’s your home or office.  If you’d like to discuss your data backup options, please contact RedWave Technology Group, LLC.