Neglecting Website Basics Can Have a Bad Impact on Your Sales

If you’re not consistently updating your website, it’ll get outdated fast.

More than 60% of consumers say the most critical factor in a good website experience is current and accurate content. Most small business consumers say the most critical factor in a positive website experience is up-to-date and accurate content, suggesting a good cleaning could bring big advantages for small business owners.

Consumer expectations of small business websites are high, with many stating that they’re not very likely to visit or purchase something from a small business if the website is poorly designed. Searching more deeply into what makes a bad impression, the results reveal that the top reasons are: outdated contact information and no business information (directions or business hours).

Based on a recent survey, small business owners realize no time and few resources are the top challenges for small business owners as they are trying to grow their businesses.

With consumers stating accurate and current website content is vital when it comes to having a good experience with a small business website, making time to update the website is imperative to business growth and making the sale.

According to a recent poll of small business owners, it is stated that a lack of time and not having enough resources are what is hindering them from having potential growth. However, a lot of small business owners complain that they don’t have much insight into how to have or even begin to create an online presence. With many people stating that current and accessible website content is most critical when it comes to having a good experience with a small business site, making consistent updates is also imperative to get a solid online existence.

The bottom line is: make sure that your website is fresh, neat, and clean-looking. Along with that, you must have current information, as well as making sure your links and forms function correctly.

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