NVDIMM Technology & Your Business

NVDIMM stands for non-volatile dual in-line memory module.  Basically, it is an extremely fast storage medium.  Normal DIMMs are used for short term storage on systems.  Anything the computer is working on right now will be stored in a DIMM.  Storage and memory capabilities are crucial for the success of any business.  Storage and memory are being used all the time.  For example, storage and memory are used when loading apps for the company to use, saving documents, streaming content, or using virtualization in databases.

In order to explain in more detail regarding NVDIMM, more definition is appropriate.  “Non-volatile memory” simply means the data isn’t lost when power is lost.  Non-volatile memory is special because most memory is volatile, which means that data is lost when the power is lost. Retaining computer/data memory during an electrical power loss definitely saves a lot of headache later for business leaders.  “Dual In-Line” refers to memory that uses a DIMM setup.  DIMM (dual in-line memory module) has replaced most SIMM (single in-line memory module) systems within the workplace.  DIMM uses RAM (random access memory) in integrated circuits, and is made to use with computer systems, workstations, and servers.  DIMM is currently the predominant type of memory module used today.

You may wonder how NVDIMM technology can assist your small or medium-sized business.  Using NVDIMM, processing times can be drastically reduced. Enterprise storage solutions often operate at speeds of 700-800 MB/s.  NVDIMMs can operate at over 12000 MB/s.  This can cut down on load times and allow companies to process much more data than conventional storage methods.  NVDIMM’s provide support for a company’s management of their websites, file sharing, file hosting, virtual desktop infrastructure, and network utilities. 

The Tegile IntelliFlash T-series arrays are an affordable solution for any company wishing to improve their NVDIMM technology.  This series allows businesses to begin with the equipment they require to enhance company performance, then add-on more storage space as needed.

Micron’s solid-state drives (SSD’s) are widely used as well.  In fact, Micron is one of the largest memory manufacturers in the entire world.  Their SSD’s can greatly improve the processing power that your company may need to thrive.

There are several options available that can assist your company with perfecting their storage and memory abilities.  With the NVDIMM technology that is available today, small and medium-sized businesses can adapt new technology that will regulate their data issues and advance their capabilities.    

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