Powering Your Small Business with VoIP Phones

A VoIP phone system is a great way to combine data, voice, and video into an easily managed service that will allow you to run your small business more smoothly.

How VoIP will increase your business’ productivity and efficiency

As technology continues to advance, many business owners are finding that a VoIP phone system is an effective and powerful tool to have in their arsenal.  An IP-based communication system gives you an edge on your competition as well as a way to simplify your communication with your staff as well as your clients.  It provides a cost effective way to keep your voice and data much more secure.

Cut costs with VoIP

Free your business from having to run phone lines.  VoIP phones give you the ability to conduct online conferences, simple to use video calls, and other tools that aid in improved collaborations.  VoIP allows you to send multiple calls through your IP network, so there is no need for extra phone lines.  Adding satellite offices to your VoIP system will eliminate long distance charges.

Improve communication with customers and employees with VoIP

Your employees will have more ways to stay connected.  You will get enterprise-class features no matter how big your office is.  Even the smallest business can present itself like a large organization by using auto attendant and unified communications capabilities to display a professional persona to customers and partners.

Get more features without the fees with VoIP

  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Conferencing
  • Forwarding
  • And much more

Multi person conversations with VoIP

On plain old telephone systems (POTS) only two people can speak at a time.  With VoIP, you can setup a conference with multiple people communicating in real time.  VoIP compresses data packets so that carriers can handled more data.  As a result more calls can be handled on one access line.

Interesting and Useful Features with VoIP

VoIP comes with a list of features that are not optional with plain telephone. VoIP uses HD voice and video so your calls with always be crystal clear.  VoIP allows you to manage your phones systems in a whole new way resulting in a very rich experience for each user personally and for your business.

Better Security with VoIP

VoIP can operate through an encrypted VPN connection.  You can also install VoIP software on your mobile devices, allowing security of your cell phones and so that your employees are always connected and reachable form a work line.

Bottom Line

Changing your phone system from old conventional phones systems to VoIP is easy, cost effective, improves internal and external communications, and makes your communication management nearly non-existent. VoIP is one of the many state-of-the-art technologies RedWave Technology Group, LLC has to offer, each allowing you to focus more on your business (what you do best) and “Let Us Handle IT™”.

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