Reasons to Connect Business Computers in a Network

There are many reasons you should consider connecting your business computers to a network. Below are several of those reasons.

  • Helps with Managing Data: you can store your company’s documents on a file server rather than on individual computers. This will help you better organize the documents and, when someone changes something on the document, the updated copy is saved so everyone will have access to the most up to date version. You no longer must isolate each file’s backups since the system does this itself. You can also use passwords to manage access to the directories for more security. The network administrator can decide which employees to grant access to which files by adding passwords to the documents. This keeps sensitive data from being accessed by all employees.
  • Easy Data Sharing: When you use a network, it is much easier to data share. Otherwise, you would need to rely on a flash drive or USB cable to share. When a central network is used for your computers, the files are saved on the server and accessible by everyone with credentials. This alone can save you valuable time that could be used on other office tasks.
  • Sharing Office Equipment: when your business computers are on a network, you no longer need to purchase products for individual computers, such as printers and fax machines. Instead, you can have one of each that is shared on the network. This is a lot more cost efficient for any business than buying these products for each computer. It is time efficient as well since employees no longer must transfer files to another computer just to print their data.
  • Software Cost Cutting: These days, you can save money by purchasing software products for your entire network instead of purchasing a license for each individual computer. Doing this can also allow you to upgrade software through the server rather than going to each computer.

As you can see, there are many benefits to connecting your business computers to a network. If you need help getting your business computers networked, contact RedWave Technology Group, LLC. We would be happy to assist you.