Safe Migration to the Cloud

As time moves on, use of the cloud is becoming more and more common for enterprises across the country.  Business leaders no longer have a fear of the cloud, but instead are embracing this form of technology in overwhelming numbers.  Because of this, security of business data in the cloud is a number one concern.  Business leaders must learn how to navigate the cloud technology and all of the security issues that go along with using the cloud.

Some people believe that cloud security is completely taken care of by the cloud service provider; however, this is not always the case.  Jason Eberhardt, North American cloud channel leader for Symantec, states that, “Security is everyone’s responsibility.”  He continues, “There’s a million doors.  Every door is an access for exploit to get in where it shouldn’t be.  Security is closing/locking all of those doors.”

As businesses migrate their information from in-house networks to the cloud, there are things that they should do in order to provide security on their end of things, as well as expect security measures from their cloud service provider.  Eberhardt notes, “Responsibility for cloud security is two-fold- [the] cloud vendor and the business.”  The vendors typically secure the physical, network security, otherwise known as the data center.  The customer is typically responsible for firewalls, network access control, maintenance of operating systems, and having software free from vulnerabilities.

As the customer, it is important to not only focus on the external cybersecurity issues, but also focus on your company’s internal security as well.  A couple of things that you can do include the authentication of various users within your business and management of mobile devices that are used for company business.  In particular, mobile device connectivity to the cloud is very common in today’s society, and since employees are routinely using more and more mobile devices, it is the businesses’ responsibility to make sure that security is adequate.

When using the cloud, security matters should be at the forethought of the migration process, and not something that is considered after the migration has begun.  With so many more companies depending on the advantages that the cloud has to offer, security within the cloud is something that we must all do together.  It is our responsibility and our privilege.

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