SDN, which stands for software-defined networks, and NFV, which stands for network function virtualization, are two ways that businesses can improve company network services, as well as improve their network performance.  These two functions are especially beneficial when they are working together; however, each form of technology can work alone, too.

As companies add more and more devices to their realm, it is important that all devices are configured correctly and work well together.  SDN’s are especially good at controlling network configuration.  SDN’s can easily separate network configuration tasks from data transmission, thus providing optimum security within a network, and providing the appropriate amount of bandwidth within the network.  SDN’s also help administrators of systems with controllability from one central location.  The administrator can also easily orchestrate the use of multiple devices within the same network. 

NFV is seen as more of an automated methodology than a new type of technology by many experts.  NFV helps with the management of a network system, as well as assistance with the design of the network and the ability to deploy information.  With the use of NFV, users who experience malfunctioning networks will have a shorter amount of downtime than previous times.  Furthermore, NFV aids with system reliability and network speed.  NFV technology’s main focus is to improve the service of the network specifically.  It aids with simplicity of a complex network.

SDN and NFV are technologies that compliment each other; hence, they work very well when used together.  With a growing number of devices that are used within a company, as well as a quickening speed at which data is processed and an increasing amount of data processed, the combination of both SDN and NFV technology will optimize your network capabilities and safety.  SDN’s have been in place for quite some time, and now with the additional NFV implementation, IT departments have the resources to be more robust and resilient, which is necessary in today’s world.

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