Techniques for Selling Your Content Online

There are several ways to sell content online. You’d think that picking a way would be easy, but there’s so much choice in the methods, that it’s hard to pick the correct one.

The fact is that you need the most productive way to upload content, but you need to be thinking about other factors, like SEO, online marketing, delivery methods, and payment.

Methods of selling content

Before you take the plunge and decide on a platform for your online work, be diligent about doing your research. The reason for this is that once you’ve uploaded your content, it’s difficult to move it.

What you need to think about is:

  • Speed and dependability – you want to make sure no one gets stressed with your platform of choice
  • Payment – it is good to offer numerous payment options or you may lose people
  • The simplicity in uploading – you don’t want to have a fight when uploading videos, downloads, etc.
  • Assistance with marketing the courses – does the platform make marketing your courses simple?
  • Content delivery – how is the content delivered?
  • Third-party services – knowing precisely what else you’ll need to make everything function and finding out if those functions can easily be incorporated
  • The platform needs to be mobile responsive – if not, let it go.
  • The platform needs to be search engine friendly – does the platform provides search engines with what they need so you have steady traffic?

After you get the answers to the above questions, then should you make your decision. Don’t make a choice based solely on price. It can come back to haunt you.

Types of platforms for small businesses

Branded Learning Management Systems website business

Consider this platform as buying a full-on online business. All you have to do is alter the templates and put in the content. It’s perhaps the simplest way to start an online training company.

Take notice that all these types of platforms differ in what they offer – you get a customized website, landing page templates, and email accessibility. All the tools you need are provided.

WordPress websites membership plugins

If you’re currently using WordPress, you might want to get a membership plugin. There are free choices which are good because if your price range doesn’t allow for any other paid choice, it’s good to know that there are avenues to create an online course business with free tools.

However, check that the plugin you select does what you need it to do and combines well with any other services you add. If you are new to WordPress, you might want to choose another platform or you could face some real issues.

WordPress websites Learning Management System plugins

While membership plugins are created just for control access of content, LMS plugins are created exactly for online courses and are top in terms of structure and developing a course that goes in a specific order, offering a total learning path.

They also offer other features, such as assignments, tests, and certificates.

Marketplace websites

Selecting to go the marketplace route for your online courses is solid from the point of view that these sites already have good traffic and typically possess good search engine rankings. What this translates to you is that you don’t need to toil so diligently in getting folks to the location of your course. With that being said, it doesn’t mean your course has a better chance of getting sales either.

Because on the flip side, you’ll have plenty of competitors on marketplace websites. If you pick this route, you will need to make your course stand out from all the rest and how you do this depends on the marketplace website.


If you can afford it, the branded LMS option should be your top choice. The next solid choice is the LMS WordPress plugin or marketplace sites. Your final choice should be the membership plugin.

The membership plugin:

  1. Isn’t simple to set up and makes everything perform as the other options
  2. It isn’t the best option for SEO

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