The Impact of Social Media on Business Recruiting

Social media has had a big impact on many parts of everybody’s life. It’s altered the way we come together and socialize with our friends and family. Also, it’s altered the way we buy as consumers. For businesses, there are plenty of changes. For many businesses, social media lets them reach a huge audience that they can engage with, regardless if it’s to sell or just share a message. And for an increasing number of businesses, social media is the latest go-to source for recruiting and hiring new talent.

A recent study from Career Builder stated that more than 50% of companies are now utilizing social media in some way or another for their recruiting process. Furthermore, 35% of employers said that they are less likely to interview a person if they can’t find them online. This trend in social recruitment signifies a huge change in how HR and those in charge of hiring individuals will work in the future and what strategies, skills, and knowledge they’ll need to succeed.

Which social platforms does someone seeking to recruit new talent begin with? While some social media sites, like LinkedIn, are constructed explicitly to aid recruiters in finding new talent, not all others are.

It’s no surprise that Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are at the top of the list. LinkedIn is a business-oriented social network with many tools for recruiters to help them in discovering exceptional talent. While you wouldn’t believe Facebook would be a good place to start when seeking a new hire, just the huge daily number of Facebook users makes it difficult to ignore. And since Facebook is a more of a personal social networking site, it lets employers connect on a different level with possible candidates. Twitter holds a top spot for discovering candidates with more advanced skills. With specific hashtags that make looking for jobs simple, this platform is a good place to begin the recruiting process for free.

But that is today’s social media recruiting landscape. What will it look like in the future?

Fortunately, just as swiftly as the social media and business scene changes, several universities are also making the needed changes in their studies to guarantee that their students are prepared to succeed. If the last few years in business (with the introduction of social media) is a sign of the sort of change we’ll continue to see, then those coming into the field will need a much more profound level of skill and knowledge than ever before. It’s good to understand that there are studies that will prepare them for victory.

The importance of web presence:

Numerous small companies may be shooting themselves in the foot by not understanding the relevance and significance of having a web presence in the modern-day business world.

As far as how this could influence you; you can now enhance your perceptibility giving new, and applicable, eyes to your business. With regards to things such as leasing a property, people’s initial response is to check the web. Not only would they be able to see about the property from where they already sat but they can likewise look at insights of the region and luxuries. This also offers an opportunity to look at your business.

Despite it not being seen as a traditional technique of marketing, small businesses are becoming more aware of the significance of having a strong web presence. This goes for having Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, Google Plus, YouTube, blogs, and even a website. These things take dedication to maintain. Companies often do not understand how important this investment of time and money can be.

By having a dedicated person, or even team, that can be constantly working on your website you can keep providing excellent content that is not repetitive to your audience and build a direct relationship and interaction with both your customers and readers.

As you can see, there is a lot of work to deal with. Each account requires a different approach, which is a job in itself. Many companies are employing in-house to deal with their online marketing as they understand the importance of this.

When you look at the stats Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the top three most used media networks by small businesses. LinkedIn is excellent in terms of relationship building and expanding your network, essential for all small businesses that have some kind of focus on their development. Facebook and Twitter give you an almost instantaneous communication channel with your clients and customers. Having this much connectivity means that you should always look at someone to deal with this, as it’s a vital party of your marketing strategy.

An important statistic to note is that 9 out of 10 people call or visit a business when found after a local online search, and with statistics like that, it starts to hold more gravity. Nowadays, with the internet available pretty much everywhere, we can find out information in literally seconds. As with any business strategy, if you’re not willing to move with the correlation then you’re going to get left behind. Your loyal customers may not be quite as willing to part with their cash when they feel like you’re playing catch-up and your competitors are miles ahead.

We are already beginning to see that in the UK economy, brands that didn’t keep up with the online internet boom of recent years are now in a very dangerous position. Many of which are now regretting this decision; as they were not quick enough to embrace change.

Perhaps many businesses cannot see how they will see a return on investment? However, other more savvy business owners are now in a position to leverage themselves online now as they had already future-proofed their business.
How many businesses do you think can survive in the current economic climate without a web presence?

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