Time Saving Tips for Your Work Day

Did you know that research shows that approximately 50% of American office workers believe they work diligently about 15 minutes at one time, before they become distracted by some outside source?  Since constant distractions add up throughout the workday, an office worker can lose on average of one hour a day, due to these “minor” interruptions.  There are some things that you can do in order to stay focused during your workday while still having time for a much-needed break every now and then.  Below are some ideas for you to consider.

Clean-up Your Clutter:

Many people tidy up the tops of their desks routinely, since that is one of the first things that a guest will see when they enter an office, but it is also important to clean up your computer from extra clutter.  By deleting unused files or programs that you no longer need, you can increase the performance of your computer, as well as create a more pleasing environment for you as you log on to your computer to engage in work.  Also, cleaning up your email inbox will ease your troubles when you have less information to sort through on a regular basis.

Block Sites that Waste Your Time:

If you find that you (or your employees) spend too much time wandering around on non-work-related websites, then block sites by using URL filters that seek your attention.  Quick checks on things like social media websites or surfing the Internet can very quickly soak up your time and attention. 

Track Your Productivity Time:

RescueTime is an extension offered by Google Chrome that can track your productivity rating and provide an activity log that details your entire workday.  Once you are more aware of how you spend your time on the computer, you will be able to make better decisions regarding your working time.

Create a To-Do List:

You can easily create a digital to-do list with the help of programs such as Google Tasks or Trello.  You will be able to list deadlines, create tasks to complete in order to meet each deadline, and have space for any additional instructions.  Having a list and checking items off as you complete them will help you to stay on task throughout the workday.

Wear Headphones to Avoid Distractions:

If you find that some distractions involve interruptions from people, then wear headphones in order to steer some folks away from your work station.  Many people will not bother other folks who appear to be listening intently to something else.

In conclusion, hopefully these tips can help you to stay on task and increase your productivity levels.  Some distractions can be positive for you as you endure a challenging workday; however, for the utmost productivity, it is a best practice to focus on the task at hand or at least have minimal tasks at one single time.

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