Updating Your Outdated Office Supplies

Offices should offer beneficial working spaces for employees to increase productivity. A perfect office space should offer complete tools and supplies that allow their workers to achieve their work effectively.

Does your company still possess plenty of old tools and machines that hinder your employees from performing their job quicker and simpler?

Here are some out-of-date office supplies that you should get rid of  today and our recommended useful alternatives.

Fax machines

Email anyone? Sending files today is preferably performed virtually. Not only are emails more dependable, you’re also able to keep the quality of the files that you are sending. Nonetheless, some clients still want to get documents via a fax. If needed, you should think about using fax templates so your document is more professional and send it via an internet fax service instead so you don’t need a real fax machine.

CDs and USBs

Besides taking up physical space and presenting the huge probability of getting lost in your big pile of other CDs and flash drives, these devices are not the most dependable when it comes to storing large files for long periods of time. Most times when you open a USB that has gone unused for a long time, the USB is usually corrupted.

Today, there are plenty of alternatives for storage including Dropbox and Google Drive and there’s plenty of room. The next time you need to store something or share files with a co-worker, just upload your files online and send the link to whomever. It makes recovering your files down the road simpler.


Please don’t say you are still using post-its. Did you know there are online sticky notes that you can get to anywhere and at any time? You can effortlessly cross out work done even if you’re using a different device or computer.


In today’s evolving businesses, in order to get work done, you most likely have to connect with a someone that is on the other side of the world.

Even though you can do this from a landline, we all know that landlines can be undependable as well as cost a lot of money for international phone calls.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to use a cloud-based phone service or VoIP system which can work anywhere as long as you have the internet? Besides saving you some bucks, VoIP phone systems let you make and receive calls from anywhere around the globe.

Manual clock-in machine

Please don’t still be utilizing a manual clock-in machine with real-time cards. This is such a wearisome method of taking notice of the attendance records of your employees, not to mention you have to examine each one for accuracy every month. Consider the alternative of using an employee attendance and time software that delivers a much better way in keeping up with the days and hours your employees work.

Bottom Line

One of the most crucial factors that allow for increased employee productivity is a favorable and work-friendly office space. Opportunely, technology has created a way for the development of tools and solutions that make numerous job functions quicker and simpler.

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