VoIP, Adaptable Telecommunications

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a leading-edge communication system that guarantees benefits to any business. The solutions provided by VoIP are installed easily and are simple to configure and maintain. Most VoIP systems can integrate with other features post-purchase. If you are looking to modernize your services by moving to a VoIP system, RedWave Technology Group, LLC, the leading provider of IT solutions in Birmingham AL, can help you.

Voice Response that is Interactive

Businesses can forward calls with this feature to the right client or staff number. It can also help reduce the use of mass cold calling and other unwanted calls. This feature alone can help save time and money for your business while enhancing the service your customers receive. VoIP solutions can also increase the effectiveness of your employees by promoting minimal call forwarding.


Most modern VoIP solutions can receive faxes. Though faxing may seem to be an outdated service, many businesses, including government bodies in medical facilities, still use fax services for sending and receiving physical documents. Also, if a vendor or client prefers sending faxes, most VoIP systems are set up to receive those documents as a PDF file.

Blocking Telemarketers

Many times, telemarketers can still get through undetected on auto filters. If this happens, you can manually block numbers with your VoIP system. With a simple push of a button, you can prohibit calls from telemarketers or anyone else on your blocked call list.

Filtering Spam Calls

It can be very annoying to deal with automated phone calls. Your best way to eliminate those calls is with a VoIP system. The spam filters included with most VoIP solutions can differentiate between telemarketers and potential customers. The effectiveness of the spam filter is about the same as your email spam filter.

Network Down Forward

When it comes to VoIP solutions, one of the biggest concerns is the bandwidth requirements. Many businesses that have a weak Internet service provider may believe they can’t benefit from everything offered by a VoIP system. VoIP systems that are modern, though, come with a feature that helps to overcome the limitations of bandwidth called “Network Down Forward.” When you enable this feature, calls can be sent to your mobile device when your Internet isn’t working. This will ensure that vendors and customers can reach you regardless of your Internet service struggles.

If you are looking for an easy to use service that combines voice, data, and video, VoIP services may be what you are looking for. By using VoIP services, your business can combine telecommunications and enjoy a phone solution that is both efficient and low-cost.

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