Ways to Keep Your Website From Hurting Your Business

Is your website turning away consumers? If you don’t test your website periodically, it may be full of unusable links and old information. You’ve created your website to be simple and user-friendly. But your consumers aren’t going to visit your website if it doesn’t function the way it is supposed to.

If you can’t accurately upkeep your website, why would they think you’ll do good work for them? Here’s how to keep your website from harming your business.

The way to ensure your small business website is functioning correctly is to test it yourself. Never think that your web developers have given you a perfect website. No programmer is perfect, and the smallest mistake can mean that your links aren’t working or your website has the wrong address.

When To Test Your Website

  • Before it goes live
  • Right now!
  • When you make changes, particularly changing information
  • Every month 

How To Test Your Website

This is a systematic process, so make a checklist for everything you’ll need to take a look at. This includes every link and any other navigation on each page.

You’ll also check the spelling, punctuation, images, and the business information is correct. If you have any forms for services or products, check those as well.

Once your checklist is done, go back to your website once more. Look at each page and click on every link.  Take note of what needs to be fixed and give the list to your web design team. Make sure you are as specific as ever with what needs to be repaired.

Once the issues are fixed, test them and go over the website again. There are times when fixing one issue creates another and you’ll need to fix those as well.

Where To Test Your Website

Don’t just test your site on a computer. Consumers shop on their mobile devices, so you’ll need to test on a tablet or smartphone. Testing your website might not be a big thrill, but it guarantees you will make a good first impression with your potential customers.

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