Ways to Monitor Productivity of Remote Workers

When it comes to keeping track of the productivity of remote workers, there are a number of ways this can be done.

1. Asana 

Asana is a platform used to track the productivity of employees. There are projects and tasks set up and when needed, you can check in at any time to see which tasks and projects have been finished, what is currently being worked on, upcoming projects, and outstanding jobs to be completed.

2. Company Wiki

Company Wiki is used to document all concepts, procedures, and product specifications. It’s good because it keeps every individual current on what needs to be completed. You can tag team other people on jobs they are needed on and you can get email notifications in wiki of any changes. This lets you stay abreast on the team’s progress on the projects at hand.

3. Compass

Compass is an amazing app for checking in with remote workers and guaranteeing they’re striving toward their work goals. It takes your team through a daily check-in that provides complete visibility into what they are working on and assists you in keeping them accountable.

4. Dapulse

The Dapulse app lets everyone on the team see what is happening and who is in charge of various projects, as well as the projects’ status. Once a task is given to a person, a due date is set. This helps track productivity, in particular, remote team members because you can track every stage they are working on in their projects without needing to check in with them.

5. Due

Due’s time tracker software tracks time and reports on everyone down to the minute, so you know how much time is being spent on every project and where improvements can be made.

6. JIRA 

You can measure speed/pace using JIRA and assign points to various tasks. At the end of two weeks, you can tell which remote work did better or worse in a simple report. You can also see which remote worker is more productive and which one requires a little TLC.

7. Podio

Since everyone from your team has their own work every single day, Podio makes it’s pretty easy to monitor reports and the progress of the team members. You can also do one-on-one calls to talk about issues, create new ideas, and improve the workflow.

8. Teamwork, Slack, and Trello

Teamwork is used to track remote workers. They can log their work hours and check off job completion. It’s a solid tool for our project managers as well, so they can have a close eye on everything. Slack channels are also for remote workers. Trello is great for putting in clear deadlines, project goals, and tracking work progress.

9. Upwork’s Time Tracker 

Upwork has some good built-in features. You can monitor what’s on the screen of a remote worker when they’re working on a job for you. This way, you can see if they’re spending too much or too little time on specific steps. The milestone setup also lets you pay based on delivering results which support incentives and sets specific expectations right from the beginning.

10. HubStaff

Hubstaff is good for keeping track of productivity and time for remote workers. Hubstaff traces activity levels according to the keyboard strokes and cursor movement, as well as take a screenshot of what is on their computer screen. With this tool, you can get productivity reports on jobs without having to spend any time monitoring them yourself.

11. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a good tool for tracking the productivity of any remote worker. It’s easy and simple to use and is created very specifically for tracking remote workers.

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