Ways to Organize Information Without Using a Spreadsheet

When the spreadsheet was designed, it was a wonder. Time-consuming jobs usually performed on paper could be done on a computer. We depended on the spreadsheet for years, utilizing it to do all types of jobs, including creating contact databases, finances, and reports.

However, these are modern times, and the spreadsheet, even though it still has its place, is gradually becoming obsolete for numerous functions.

 If you’re still depending on spreadsheets to arrange data, handle finances, and keep on top of customers’ contact information, try these enhanced solutions instead.

Invest in Accounting Software

Universities teach accounting utilizing spreadsheets. While knowing formulas can be vital for MBA students, it’s not needed for you as a hardworking entrepreneur. Spreadsheets become useless after a certain point, and they can’t do even 50% of what accounting software can.

For example, QuickBooks allows you to invoice clients and get paid, sync your bank account info with your accounting system, and produce financial reports without having to spend unnecessary time in a spreadsheet.

Manage Customer Data

Being in the know of who your customers are, what they’re purchasing, and your communications with them necessitate more than a spreadsheet. In the past, you’d just have contact details in a spreadsheet. Today, Insightly, a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, allows you to do so much more.

Need to look for a specific email to a certain client? It’s right in your contact file. Want to delegate an important phone call to your sales rep? Some CRM programs contain project management features. Because of CRM technology in today’s world, we’ve shied away from unreceptive customer contact to more active CRM software, and that’s great for everybody involved.

Create a Better Content Calendar

As social media and blogging have taken a more critical role in marketing campaigns, we’ve seen a shift toward using content calendars to arrange efforts across numerous media. Spreadsheets come in handy, although they necessitate plenty of legwork to set up and handle.

 A good way to get perceptibility into the calendar view of your content and social media is content calendar software. CoSchedule is one that has created sophisticated platforms that assimilate with tools like WordPress and social media which gives you a huge picture view of the content types you have scheduled.

Manage Projects Smarter

If you typically work with a team and utilize a spreadsheet to keep in the know regarding assignments, you realize that doing so usually necessitates more energy than it’s worth. You’ve got numerous individuals accessing the spreadsheet and sometimes folks can remove the wrong entries or not look at the notes they must have to finish a project.

Asana, a project management platform, allows you to appoint work to a specific team member, communicate on jobs, share files, and give deadlines.

We have to give props to spreadsheets. The bottom line is they lay the base for the technology that followed. However, if there’s a better solution, why not use it? The current software industry is full of pioneering solutions that can make your work and life stress-free.

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