Ways to Prevent Massive Data Loss

As technology continues to develop at a rapid rate, many of us find our lives more and more intertwined with computers, laptops, and smartphones.  They are part of our everyday lives, from forging onward with our careers to researching daily newscasts, and to keeping personal memories and photographs close at hand.  If all this valuable information is lost, it can be a devastating event for many people.  There are some simple tasks and reminders that we can all heed in order to do the best we can to protect our valuable information.  Below is a list of everyday hazards that many of us face as far as our digital information is concerned.  One most important key for protecting your data is providing proper storage and backup, storage and backup, storage and backup.  Remember that phrase…it may be very useful!

Avoid deleting files on accident:

Sometimes we all get in a hurry and we say or do things that we wish we could take back immediately.  As you are working with your digital files, try to take your time to save and store items carefully and intentionally.  With proper care, you may avoid the accidental situation of overriding some important information or deleting something completely by accident.

Be cautious of food and drink around computers:

Since computers and electronic devices are all around us, it is difficult to say we should never have our meals or drinks while we are computing.  However, a water spill on a laptop can be detrimental to the hard drive.  Therefore, attempt to be very cautious of spills and mishaps that may occur.

Check your power supply:

It seems that many Americans spend time, effort, and money on keeping their electronics updated, and quite often for the newest and greatest version of whatever device is popular at the moment.  Take time to consider the entire system, though.  With newer more powerful devices, double check your power supplies and ensure they are also updated and strong enough to handle whatever you plug into them.

Protect against computer viruses:

A constant threat for any computer user is a malicious virus that tries to invade your information.  Guard yourself with virus protection and with regular computer backups.  Keep virus protection plans updated and in constant check.

Protect your hardware:

Because many of us have computers close at-hand, we might begin to take them for granted.  Remind yourself routinely of all the valuable information your device holds dear to you and protect it securely.  If your hardware becomes lost or stolen, not only have you lost the expensive device itself, but you have also lost information and data that may never be seen again.

In conclusion, in many ways our electronic devices have become a bit of an appendage to our bodies for some of us.  Take the precautions you can in order to protect it and protect any information it holds for you.  Remember, the key is to perform regular backups.  Also, consider where you should store your backups.  Many people store backups at a remote location, which serves as another source of information protection.  They will help ensure that not all will be lost if something tragic does occur unexpectedly.

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