Ways You Might Be Exposing Your Business to Ransomware

Our world is ever-evolving, and because of this rapid growth, technology is ever-changing. Now, more than ever, businesses are dependent on emails, documents, and software programs. This has brought a lot of efficiency, but not without a few drawbacks. One of those drawbacks is ransomware. Here, we’ll outline a few ways you might be exposing your own business to malicious attacks.

Sloppy Security Practices

One of the biggest reasons for exposure to ransomware is through email. When someone opens a phished email, their entire business is exploited and put at risk. From here, a hacker will send over a money invoice as a way to gaslight a company into sending over money to retrieve their system and protect it from further harm. Though avoiding a ransomware attack isn’t easy, it is preventable. If your security software is out of date, you risk losing your entire company to a ransomware attack.

Inconsistent ownership of IT infrastructure

If your management is changing frequently, that will have an impact on your IT security. Each CIO, for example, has their own set of goals and decisions. If there are very frequent changes, that can pose a threat. To maintain a well functioning IT security or any other operations, the key is to have consistent management.

Procrastinating System Updates

When patching systems are delayed, the organization’s system is under significant threat. This is one of the biggest reasons that they become victims of ransomware attacks. To prevent this, the management will need to enforce proper measures and patching schedules. They must also ensure that they have ample resources available to tackle such problems.

Failure to Check Data Recovery Procedures

An organization must keep going through its backup and recovery procedures to find out what data is protected and what isn’t. The IT department needs to keep on analyzing its workflow to ensure everything is running smoothly and to detect any threats. Many organizations that do not vet through their data and backup have been victims of ransomware attacks and did not find out until it was too late.

Prevention is the best thing you can do to save your organization from such dangerous attacks. As an organization, you are also responsible for other people so take as many measures as there are available. If you’re unsure of the dependability of your network’s security, it might be a good idea to talk to an IT professional to make sure your system is secure and safe.

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