Website Optimization Methods for Increasing Sales

Website optimization is a huge deal. You need amazing content, incredible landing pages, outstanding SEO, an overabundance of links (inbound and outbound), an unforgettable user experience, insightful navigation fundamentals, etc.

However, website optimization just isn’t about good content and SEO.

There are many parts that business owners and marketers overlook when optimizing different pages as they have been set to look at a certain set of needs, efficiently ignoring crucial areas.

Instead of getting into the common website optimization tools that you have most likely read about a hundred times before, here are some great utilities that will assist your site in reaching new levels of functional success.

Gain New Referrals via Existing Customers

Even though most folks aren’t aware, other people’s opinions have a huge impact on how we see products and services. This is the idea behind referral marketing.

Referral marketing is the technique of advertising a company’s offerings via word-of-mouth. Gaining new referrals is accomplished through incentivized processes that endorse consumer advocacy as a way to push brand growth.

This entire principle is based on the foundation of offering exceptional customer experiences which are the backbone of marketing. Accomplishing this lets a brand engage a customer’s feeling for the company and influence the advocacy opportunities by encouraging the customer to bring someone else into the company’s marketing funnel. Putting into place a referral marketing program is simple when you use a reputable service such as RewardStream.

This platform introduces a brand’s referral program and customers can refer friends through social media, email, or in-person. When a new consumer is pushed to take an action on your site, RewardStream instinctively offers the referrer a reward.

They also provide businesses with specified analytics to see how the program is bringing value to the company and its customer base. This form of marketing initiative is ideal for nearly all brands, in particular, those in B2B or e-commerce sectors.

Drive Consumers Actions with the Right Messages

All your marketing efforts have a single goal which is to bring potential customers into your sales section.

In order to get consumers to come on their own, you should tempt them to take an action that vibrates with their wants or needs. These are referred to as calls-to-action (CTA) and usually appear in emails and on websites in the form of buttons that say “Download,” “Subscribe,” and other parallel phrases.

Regrettably, some CTAs aren’t that effective. The answer to successfully getting consumers to act is to give them something, not ask them for something.

In addition, your CTA button should have a certain level of aesthetic appeal and make its intention known.

Many marketers and business owners flop at this juncture and use numerous CTAs. However, one good CTA is better than many so-so ones as this eliminates additional choices. More choices lead to less action. If you’re a WordPress user, take a look at MaxButtons for good CTAs.

This button has over 4,500 pre-existing CTAs and houses over 30,000 free curated icons. This tool is extremely handy due to its simplicity and incredible nature.

MaxButtons compels no knowledge of coding principals. Moreover, the buttons available have an effective design and can be used by people with any type of device.

Furthermore, MaxButtons has an assortment of social media buttons to increase your social followings and let visitors share materials with their followers. Since MaxButtons can assimilate with a number of services, its helpfulness and potential for successful results are far reaching.

Acquire Mobile Downloads through Mobile Marketing

Most are aware that mobile devices are on the quick track to dominating the digital world.

A few years ago, Google stated that most searches take place on a mobile device. In addition, Statcounter just discovered that mobile internet usage has now overtaken desktop.

However, what many may not be in the know about is that apps are starting to absorb even more mobile web browsing. A recent study showed that around 50% of the time people spend online is spent in an app.

This means that any smart business owner has an app for their brand. One of the top ways to promote a mobile app is via a mobile marketing service such as LinkTexting. According to the business, its technology is accountable for driving over 150,000 app downloads each day.

This platform offers brands with three website widget formats for boosting app downloads. Every one of them lets consumers enter their phone number in order to get a download link for the desired app instead of having to search for it.

Making the service even more amazing is the fact that LinkTexting offers users data for app downloads, like how often and where it is downloaded, etc.

This sort of information lets business owners have a better understanding of their target audience and how to market to them efficiently.

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