What You Need to Know About Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud service that is used for building and managing applications through Microsoft’s global network.  Microsoft has invested a lot of their resources into the development of Azure because cloud usage has grown so rapidly.  In the fall of 2017, Microsoft announced an on-premise version of Azure, called Azure Stack.  The Azure Stack is defined as a hybrid cloud platform that delivers the Azure services from within a company’s very own data center.

Although Azure Stack has a lot to offer individual companies, some IT departments feel overwhelmed and a little misled on how to begin Azure migrations for their company.  Azure can offer businesses the ability to do things like backup as a service, general data services, and disaster recovery.  Below are some ideas to consider when you begin working with the Azure platform.

Make Your Expectations Realistic

Consider your IT department’s strategy.  Why are you adding the Azure platform to your cloud environment?  If saving money is your only motivation, then perhaps you are selling Azure too short.  The Azure platform will provide you with increased flexibility as well as assistance in managing servers.  Set your expectations for the Azure platform well before the migration process gets underway.

Understand Applications

One way to get the most out of the Azure platform is to understand how the process is all inter-connected.  Think about your company’s applications and dependencies, then grasp how they are connected to your servers and to each other.  By understanding the pathways of connectivity, you will be able to utilize the Azure cloud more efficiently.

Consider Performance Utilization

Complete an inspection of your company’s network.  Think about how much computing is done and storage is needed on a regular basis.  Next, consider which applications you plan to move to the Azure cloud.  If you can do some of this preliminary preparation, then the migration process will run more smoothly.

Consider the Costs Associated with Azure

The Azure platform can track costs for you, as well as show displays regarding your cloud usage.  Use this information to adjust your applications, as needed.

Microsoft Azure can be a very useful platform for a company.  IT departments may have a learning curve when figuring out the best way to use Azure to the fullest extent, but the benefits may well be worth the effort.  Microsoft is constantly performing updates and enhancing their services, so always keep an eye open for new and improved technology.

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