When You Have Way Too Many Followers

People love to measure their worth by numbers. They think, the higher the better.

The same in social media marketing is the number of followers, and as stated, the higher the better. However, if you have the wrong kind of follower, a bigger number isn’t better. As a matter of fact, it’s worse.

Singers don’t require a graphic artist

An acquaintance of mine was trying to build his Twitter following to advertise his freelance graphic arts business. He used numerous apps to find people to follow who would be interested in what he provided and also be good prospects for where he wanted to take his business.

He was bringing in people at a steady pace and then he saw something. Many singers began following him. Here’s what was happening: He had some friends in the music business who followed him. A few of their followers started following the graphic artist on Twitter. He returned the “follow” without thinking and it started to flourish.

He ended up with a huge number of Twitter followers, but a lot of them were folks that would never need his services or buy his products. While he made his mistake on Twitter, the same thing is likely to happen on other social media websites.

Halt! Who goes there?

Before you start using every strategy you can think of to raise your number of social media followers, you need to know who you want in your neighborhood. In fact, having the ability to clearly define your ideal follower is the most vital step in any marketing initiative. In all your social media efforts, including your business platforms and blog, the plan is to construct a community rather than just a following.

When you classify the target for your social media marketing, you need to think about such attributes as location and status.

Some platforms and available apps will assist you with some of these attributes so you can do searches to find the right individuals. In some instances, those attributes will decide the social media pages you should be active on.

As you’re finding your target, some attributes will never change. If you are selling swimsuits, you’ll never care about improving the number of men in your social media community. Nonetheless, because of trends, you need to know where your industry is going and by doing that you will be putting the groundwork for enrichment in your social media community.

Do your research: identify your target, discover the social media platforms where they are, and use top tools to engage these individuals.  If you’d like assistance with social media marketing, do not hesitate to contact RedWave Technology Group, LLC at (205) 917-5757 or info@redwaveit.com