Why Businesses are Switching to Managed IT Services

These days, more and more businesses are switching to managed IT services. In fact, IT services have been steadily growing for years now. So, why are businesses switching to managed IT services? Keep reading below for the top five reasons.

  1. More focus on their mission: all business owners prefer to do what they are best at, whether they are the CEO, CFO, or other position. Though they understand how crucial technology is for the business, they prefer not to mess with it. Instead, they want to focus their time and energy on their main business function to better satisfy their customers and increase profits.
  2. Reduce the risks: when you work with managed IT services, your provider is the one that must worry about technology, not you. Your provider is taking the risk of losing money when your services are down. You simply pay a fixed monthly fee whether the provider spends 20 hours at your site or 200 hours there. You are no longer responsible for hiring staff to work in IT either. This saves many hours training, certifying, and managing in IT staff.
  3. Improved employee productivity: employee costs tend to be the biggest monthly cost for any business. Your employees depend on their computer to do their job. When their computer is out of commission, they can no longer work. That downtime can have a huge impact on the bottom line of your business. You can greatly improve employee productivity by taking a proactive approach in hiring a managed IT service.
  4. Improve your enterprise class capabilities: when you use managed IT services, your business gains access to enterprise class processes, technology, and people at a small portion of the cost to have it in-house. Managed services Birmingham AL invests their time and money in training, certifications, technology, and people, helping you to earn the competitive edge you need of your competitor.
  5. Reduce your costs: many companies believe they are IT handled efficiently. After answering a few simple questions, they discover it isn’t true. In fact, many companies spend more time and money managing their IT services than they would if they simply used managed IT services from a provider. Think about it; not only does the business need to hire certified IT professionals, but with the constant changes in technology, these professionals must continue being trained and re-certified, costing the company more money. Then, on top of that, benefits provided to the professionals need to be considered. When you partner with a managed IT service company, these costs are eliminated.

At the end of the day, most companies see the advantages of using a managed IT service provider. RedWave Technology Group, LLC is Birmingham’s Premier Managed Service Provider. Call us now at 205-917-5757 for a free consultation on our managed services and data backup solutions.