Why Businesses Need a Computer Backup

Backing up computer files is a critical function that is often overlooked or ignored altogether. I recently encountered a situation where no backup or an incomplete backup severely cost a business and its employees; a lot of down time redoing much of the lost work and documents, resulting in a lot of redundant pay from the business. This situation has caused me to once again, remind our clients of the reasons for a backup and to point out some techniques that would enhance your safety and security by protecting your valuable business, personal, and family files.

In earlier times, a backup consisted of recording multiple copies of data files onto a tape and saving such tapes in a secure storage like a vault. While this was a good solution for the time, it is very outdated technology now.

With current technology, we are able to install software on each machine (desktop, laptop, tablet, server) that can be configured accordingly to what types of data each machine needs backed up. Any type of data on that computer is a valid candidate for a backup, however, the most important part we want to focus on is the working data. We can always get a new computer, and reinstall old programs downloadable from the internet or from each software company. WE CANNOT download your pictures, emails, and documents, UNLESS you have a current backup. The software installed on each machine, communicates with large data servers in the “CLOUD” (or Raleigh, North Carolina, and San Francisco, California as it is formally known), to encrypt and download your important data files each time the computer is connected to the internet. This means… YOU NEVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT IT.

We can also view, manage, and support your backup from right here in our support center. We can confirm your backup is working and does so on a daily basis, and we can also help you recover data in the event of a failure or accidental deletion.

Don’t go another day without complete confidence that your data is safe. Storms, Electrical issues, Computer Hardware Failure, and User Error don’t ask you before they happen, so don’t wait on a catastrophic event to prepare. Contact our office today, and “Let Us Handle IT”.