Why Data Encryption is Important

Encrypting your computer data is becoming more and more popular as time advances, and it is also becoming more necessary.  As hackers are getting more creative, and the amount of vulnerable data is increasing and available, there is an increased risk of your own data being stolen, or hacked, one day.  One precaution that you can take now in order to advance your cybersecurity is to use an encryption application.

When data is encrypted properly, then it is more difficult for someone to steal.  Hackers are successful at breaking into systems much of the time; however, if they are successful at breaking into a system that has been encrypted, then there is little that they can do with the information, mainly because they have no way of deciphering the encryption code.

One company that specializes in data encryption is called Virtru.  Virtru was created by two brothers, John and Will Ackerly, who are experts in cybersecurity.  They believe that the best protection from hackers is to use every sensible security strategy possible, as well as using their software that encrypts data.  Will Ackerly states, “an encrypted document without the encryption key is thousands and thousands of encrypted blobs.”

Furthermore, Will believes that, “Every time you share data, or you create an email, you have to worry about both your own security systems and every single person with whom you share that data.”  Hackers are everywhere, and it is impossible to block them one hundred percent; however, we also live in a world where we must share data on a routine basis.  Consequently, we all must be concerned about sharing data, but we must figure out a way to share it as safely as possible.  By using an encryption method, we are able to have an added level of security for all of our data.

Encrypting data is a security method that will continue to grow in popularity.  As regulations improve regarding liability for data protection, encryption will provide an added level of security against the constant threat of hackers.  It is our next attempt at staying one step ahead of those that threaten our valuable information.

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