Why is Managed Services important for your business?

The broad term, Managed Services, covers IT services that are provided by an outside party to your business. Your IT infrastructure is monitored and managed by your Managed Service Provider, or MSP, as is your end-user systems such as office-wide instant messaging and your company email. Your MSP can resolve any system problems you may have proactively.  Below are four reasons your business should use Managed Services. 

  1. It is Cost Effective: unless you hire an IT expert for your business, you will need to hire a consultant for any IT maintenance. This can be a huge cost for businesses that are small or medium-sized. Your business will lose money during any breakdowns or outages, though, which will be more overtime than outsourcing the costs.
  2. It is Efficient: you can get support at any time with managed services. There is no waiting in line or on the phone to have your systems problems resolved. In fact, with managed services, your issues will be solved before you even notice them.
  3. It is Predictable: your expenses for managed services are predictable. You choose which service package you want and are charged monthly per device. Having a subscription helps your expenses be more predictable over using old fashioned IT consultants.
  4. Gives You Peace of Mind: when you know that experts are handling your IT system, you can be assured that someone will perform all the proper maintenance on the software and hardware with your computer. You also know that experts are there to immediately fix any problems you encounter with your IT.

There’s a good chance that your business no longer uses a simple setup with a few PC’s and a simple Wi-Fi connection. These days, remote servers are used with 24/7 connectivity, hosted email, cloud computing, and remote servers. This makes the data from your business more vulnerable to hacking. This alone is a great reason to consider Managed Services.

 At RedWave Technology Group, LLC our Managed Services in Birmingham AL can help protect your business processes and minimize any downtime. It can also help your business to boost profits and productivity and reduce risk to your business. If you don’t use Managed Services yet, what are you waiting for?