Why You Should Be Keeping a Data Backup

It is important for any business to backup their data. Using data in your business is vital to keep your operations smooth and is an important part of any continuity plan for a business. When you back up your files, you are copying the important ones in case the original files become lost. All back up files should be stored in a secure environment away from the original ones.

Why Use a Backup

Data loss can occur for many reasons. Some of the more common causes include events like theft, fire, flooding, spilled drinks, and computer crashes. If you keep all your data in one place, these can result in files that are lost completely or ones that will take a lot of time to restore. With the rate of computer viruses increasing rapidly, it is imperative to have your business data backed up always.

Data You Should Back Up

It is essential to determine what data to backup for your business. If something were to happen to your PC, what data would your business need? Maybe account information, important documents, contact information for clients, and more.

Types of Backups

There are many kinds of backup solutions to meet the needs of your business.

If you need small backups and are a mobile user, a USB device may work well for you. These devices are cheaper but can also be unreliable and damaged easily. Because of their small size, they are also more prone to being lost. The data stored on them is also unsecured, putting you at a higher risk if you lose the device.

The old industry standard for backing up files for large amounts of data is the tape backup. These backups can be performed daily, weekly, or monthly. This can be an easy solution for your business. These backups tend to be slow, though, to perform a backup or to restore them. You also risk human error since backing up the files is a manual process.

Backing up data online has become the most popular choice for many businesses. This simply requires a small monthly fee with no hardware or software to purchase. The business must simply determine the data they want to be backed up then it is transferred through the internet in an encrypted format to a data center with high security. No human intervention is needed since the backups are completely automatic. Individual files or complete backups can be restored with the simple click of a mouse. This is a very attractive offer with its comprehensive protection and complete availability.

Regardless of the method you use, backing up your business data is important. Consider the methods of backup above to determine which solution is best for your business, then contact RedWave Technology Group, LLC to discuss our data backup services.