Windows 7 Features for Better Usability

In the world of computers, the most widely used operating system is Windows 7. Not only does it offer business oriented programs and functionality, but Windows 7 also has many little-known useful features that general users that only care about Internet browsing and word processing would never know about otherwise. These handy features of Windows 7 can help improve the performance of your business.

Snipping tool: yes, there are many other programs out there to capture the screen, but the snipping tool by Windows 7 makes capturing screenshots easier. Using snipping tool, you can capture four different types of screenshots – full-screen, window, rectangular, or free-form. This gives you the ability to choose certain pieces of a document or picture on the Internet that you would like to share easily. You can then save the picture in PNG, GIF, JPEG, or HTML formats. Snipping tool even gives you the opportunity to highlight areas of the photo you want to focus on.

Extended calculator: almost every computer and smart phone device have a basic calculator as one of the crucial applications. Even if you already use another type of software to analyze your data, it is always good to have a basic calculator program to help you with the simple math. It is expected that Windows 7 would have a calculator, but there are a few tricks this calculator has that many would not expect. When you click on the view tab, you will notice many powerful unit conversions. Programmers can also use the calculator for special calculations and statistical needs.

Sticky notes: many businesses tend to use Post-it notes to remind themselves of important tasks. Windows seven gives you the sticky notes application where you can virtually record your text just as you would on a Post-it note. You can find sticky notes in the accessories folder under the start menu. You have the option to create an unlimited number of notes and color code them for your convenience. This is a wonderful tool for anyone with a busy schedule that needs reminders.

Taskbar pins: many times, we use the same programs day after day. You can use taskbar pins to help you save time. To use the taskbar pin, click on your program and drag it into an empty space on the taskbar located along the bottom of your screen. This will make it easy to get to the programs you use regularly.

As you can see, Windows 7 comes with many time-saving tools that can help boost the productivity of your business. Perhaps you are already familiar with some of these. If so, great. If not, try them out to see how they can help your business productivity.

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